Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hot Off the Press

Our contemporary remodel is featured in this month’s issue of San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles. Entitled “Seascape, Remodeled Home the Canvas for Ocean Theme,” the story highlights the artistic touches used throughout the home. Custom designed pillows for the living room led to the creation of my organic cotton EcoArt Pillow line. Part of an art door mural series, the gifted Julie Ann Stricklin painted the Jellyfish Door shown below.

And simultaneously on stands now is an article about our sea themed garden in Better Homes and Gardens Garden Ideas & Outdoor Living Summer 2009. Whereas our home can be described as modern and serene, the garden showcases my colorful ceramic sculpture and is definitely more playful and whimsical.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pillow Digs

Mabuno Gallery
Solana Beach, CA

Four friends recently opened
the new hip Mabuno Gallery on North Cedros which is a rising star on the San Diego art scene. These mega talented artists create sleek modern furniture out of recycled metals and reclaimed wood. This is an amazing example of revamping, reusing and recycling to fabricate beautiful functional pieces. Our Buddha EcoArt Pillows are the perfect accent to a Mabuno installation at a private Rancho Santa Fe residence.

The Road Less Traveled
Santa Ana, CA

Recently featured in the Los Angeles Times, owner Delilah Snell’s warm welcoming green home store showcases all things eco-friendly: art, accessories, home decor, furniture and more. Check out Delilah’s new line of scrumptious organic preserves in an array of tantalizing flavors such as Earl Grey, Strawberry Chipoltle and Kumquat. See our Zen EcoArt Pillows brightening up a comfy couch upholstered in vogue hemp fabric.

Gabriella Cross
Saulsalito, CA
Situated dockside in the picturesque coastal town of Saulsalito, Gabriella’s charming designer showroom is overflowing with unexpected treasures including art, accessories, lighting, furniture and textiles. The showroom is open to the trade by appointment only: 415.459.0179.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sea Turtle Sensation

By guest blogger Frances Kinney, Education Coordinator,
Pro Peninsula

On one Ocean Connectors program field outing to the Marine Turtle Research Program study site, the experience was even more memorable than usual. That day, researchers captured a 308 lb green sea turtle that had never been captured by scientists before. Our low-income students stood wide-eyed and grateful as the scientists studied the magnificent creature. One of the lead scientists whispered to me that the students could actually choose a name for the turtle since it had never been captured or named before. I informed the students of this rare opportunity to choose a one-of-a-kind name for this creature that might travel thousands of miles and live to be 100 years old someday. After a quick, informal voting period, the students decided on the name “Bobby”. Yet they still looked skeptical.

“How will other scientists even know that’s his name?” they questioned.

At Pro Peninsula, we welcome the opportunity to explain that sea turtle conservationists share their data with other scientists all over the world. This willingness to collaborate internationally, along with highly advanced tracking technology, allows scientists to plot the long migrations of individual sea turtles. Now the students were truly stunned. Seeing this giant sea turtle in their own “backyard” was impressive, but choosing his name was absolutely astounding. We explained that Eastern Pacific green sea turtles migrate along the coast of Mexico; Bobby could very well swim from the San Diego Bay right down along the coast of the Baja California peninsula, maybe even coming in close to our Mexican Ocean Connectors students. The students’ interest in this animal piqued; the goal of invoking them with the desire to protect endangered wildlife was complete. They had established a personal connection with sea turtles—they contributed firsthand to an international conservation project. In fact, that day they each became Ocean Connectors themselves.

Through Ocean Connectors and other initiatives, Pro Peninsula works to build strong communities for the long term conservation of the Baja California Peninsula.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Secrets of the Traveling Eco Bag: Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

Šipan Island
Three flights, a taxi, a boat, a lift from a friendly food purveyor and two days later, we arrive at our first destination off the coast of Croatia. Our room at the Hotel Šipan, a converted olive oil factory, overlooks a lovely port. We sample the local beer, swim in the crystal clear waters and enjoy tranquil sunsets.

At the heart of the bustling city of Split, lies the former palace of Roman Emperor Diocletian built in the 3rd-4th centuries AD. Now a world UNESCO site, the palace remnants and surrounding ancient walls of the old city starkly contrast with the hectic manifestations of modern day life.

Sibenik’s star attraction is the Gothic Renaissance St. James Cathedral built entirely of stone. Carved heads of townspeople who allegedly didn’t contribute to funding cathedral construction adorn its sides. The twisty medieval old town, stunning hilltop fortress and nearby cemetery are also worth visiting.

Krka National Park
A pleasant pathway meanders through Krka National Park leading to spectacular waterfalls formed by naturally occurring travertine walls. The park teems with an amazing variety of flora and fauna.

Vis Island
Closed off to tourism until 1989, the sparsely populated island is just off the beaten path. Its charming harbor villages, secluded alcoves and lush vineyards are best navigated by scooter.

Hvar Island
The darling of Adriatic resorts, there is a magical relaxing quality about Hvar that is quintessentially Mediterranean. We splurged and stayed at the modern chic Riva Hotel. The view from our window resembled a movie set as we watched enormous luxury yachts come and go.

Dubrovnik is hands down one of the world’s best preserved and most beautiful medieval cities. Walking the city walls, perusing the Stradun and strolling past antiquated churches, fountains and stone facades is a legendary experience. Don’t miss sunset drinks at Buza Bar just through an opening in city walls clinging to the rock face above crashing waves, ice cream at Dolce Vita and tasting local wines at the friendly, cozy D'vino Wine Bar.